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Etcetera ETC


Etcetera ETC with Young Southpaw is an all new interview podcast featuring yours truly with ace guests. Produced by Young Southpaw and Greg Alprin as part of Unhinged Entertainment’s expanding podcast network. 

EPISODE THREE – Kieron Gillen – The acclaimed comics writer of Die! and The Wicked + Divine regales Southpaw regarding the time he DM’d a role playing game where all the campaigners played members of the fictional band Skirmish

EPISODE TWO – Dave Hill – Southpaw speaks with the renowned comedian, author, and axeman about the year of the RATT, the idea of an all-Dokken podcast, and various six-string shredders

EPISODE ONE – Lily Rae  – Southpaw chats to the Fightmilk frontwoman about her new solo project Captain Handsome, how Phil Collins and Boney M’s involvement in her knee surgery will affect her roller disco album, and who would win if Helen Fielding played Robert Smith in a game of Connect Four