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‘FaceTiming With Ian Curtis, Spectral Mini-Golf Fanatic’ & ‘John Lennon Séance’

July 12th, 2019 at The Gutter, Brooklyn, the eve of the 34th anniversary of Live Aid


‘Jimmy Page’s Water Park’ set, Live at Dangerfield’s NYC, March 23rd, 2019


Live At The Comedy Studio, Somerville, MA January 15th, 2019


“The Anthony Burgess Van Halen Connection”

Young Southpaw discusses the connections between the novelist Anthony Burgess and the greatest rock band of all-time, Van Halen. Burgess wrote ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and Van Halen are Dutch. What’s the national colour of the Dutch? I think you’ll find it’s orange. And much more. Taking in Billy Joel & Bon Jovi’s going to extremes and the fact that Bad Brains should do a James Bond theme.


Young Southpaw PSA #1 – “That Crazy Fugazi Band”

Young Southpaw gives the history and correct pronunciation of “that crazy Fugari band”.