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Young Southpaw interview with the Pynchon In Public Podcast. One of the best Southpaw talks out there.


“Young Southpaw, The Man Behind ‘At The Movies’, Talks About Stuff”    at popbollocks

What is your opinion of Jennifer Lopez?

You got that, that J. Lo, you know…like L.A. Guns’ second album ‘Cocked & Loaded’, you know, they had that song… ‘The Ballad of Jayne’, about Jayne Mansfield so I guess J. Man, there ya go (laughs). Like uh Jayman, those Jayman Islands down there, I ain’t never been but I hear they’re nice. You got the beach down there, you know, the sand, runnin’ your toes all over it you know…dippin’ your feet in the water, actually go can probably go further than just dippin’ your feet, prolly real nice to feel the cool water in that hot weather. Or maybe it’s warm water, the weather make it all, all hot, heated up you know like a kettle? Different kettle of fish down there, prolly different fish too, prolly real different fish, different parts of the world and all. The world’s a big place. I mean I think that L.A. Guns album sold pretty well in Japan. Another J island. I wonder if they wanted to call it Jayman but found the name was already taken, you know registered with the island copyright authorities? Or maybe the other way around cause Japan’s been around a long time. <read more>