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Tag: The Doors

Episode Twenty Two – Over The Top

In which Young Southpaw reveals that ‘Over The Top’ might be the most literary film of all time, how The Cure speak to him more about doors than The Doors do, and how he’s surprised anyone ever fell in love again after 1985

Taking in RATT, the Los Angeles subway system, David Lee Roth, Van Halen, Nabokov, Russian Literature, Hulk Hogan, No Holds Barred, The Head On The Door, Sly Stone, Mark Arm, John Candy, mud wrestling, the Russian Ramones, etc.

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Episode Twelve – Valiant Times Tables

In which Young Southpaw wonders if Love is simply a Sonic Youth album played backwards, about Sammy Hagar and Jim Morrison’s knowledge of the question, if there are any professional Duck Duck Goose leagues and what they know about it, plus a whole lot more…

Taking in Carla Thomas, Van Halen, Thomas Pynchon, The Soul Survivors, snakes, vinyl, The Cult, Iron Maiden, Revelation Records, straight edge, hugs, kisses, x’s, o’s, tic tac toe, etc.

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