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Tag: Young Southpaw

Episode Sixty – Boba Fett & The Bluehearts

When Joan Jett was having issues with her record company, she recorded a version of the Sex Pistols’ ‘EMI’ changing the title to ‘MCA’. Why didn’t she instead cover The Village People? Could she & the construction worker, biker, cowboy, et al save the Star Wars franchise? While at the same time resolving her disputes with her record label?

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Episode Fifty Nine – What Would Eddie’s KISS Makeup Have Been?

One of the most important questions of the 20th century. If Gene Simmons had poached Eddie Van Halen for KISS, what would Eddie’s makeup have been?

Also addressing who actually is ‘the hottest band in the world’? And what would happen if KISS jumped off a bridge?

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Episode Fifty Eight – Fugazi Hills 90210

“this was pre-internet days, long before you could be watching 90210 and just Google whatever questions you had about the band Anthrax…”

Was Beverly Hills 90210 some sort of bizarre tribute to Fugazi? What if Brenda had started dating Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie? And what do Faster Pussycat and The KLF have to do with all this?

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Episode Fifty Seven – Uncle Swam Wants You

Young Southpaw examines the dangerous world of synchronized swimming, especially when elephants and idioms get involved, as well as how the Van Halen reunion affected the Greek gods

Taking in “shooting the breeze”, Fleetwood Mac, The White Stripes, David Lee Roth, Dumbo, & more

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Episode Fifty Six – Loopy Lou P

Was Louis Pasteur an alias? Is the perfect place to write songs the back half of a pantomime cow? And who would make the best time-traveling yogurt salesman?

Taking in Lenny Kravitz, James Bond, Yogi Berra, Yogi Bear, Henry Rollins, Halle Berry, Chuck Berry, The Dukes Of Hazzard, and much more

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Episode Fifty Five – William ‘Ouro’ Burroughs

Does the Ouroboros ever take its tail out of its mouth to make prank phone calls? Would it & Jennifer Love Hewitt make the ultimate buddy film? And how would Tom Hanks play into the ensemble?

Taking in Party Of Five, The Godfather, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Wooly Bully, William Burroughs, Van Halen, Splash, Bosom Buddies, Newhart, Friends, Jennifer Aniston, Greek mythology, and much more

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